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Dogs like liver...but hold the onions
A Dog Park Primer
Don't Forget Your Dog This Season of Giving
Biking With Your Dog
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Dogs like liver...but hold the onions

Onions eaten in quantity can be extremely toxic and have long term effects. If your dog gets a bit of stew with onions in it, it's probably OK, but home cookers should never use onions in home made dog food. Raw and cooked onions in quantity cause hemolytic anemia. Quantities of garlic produce the same anemia, but dogs rarely eat garlic in such huge amount since garlic is a flavoring, not a vegetable in itself.
Try this recipe for a great dinner treat!
Quinoa and Beef Incan Sun Feast
Quinoa (kin-waa) is an ancient seed, extremely nutritious and with a mild nutty flavor.

A Dog Park Primer

Before you take your pup for a friendly romp, review these tips to help you brush up on your dog park etiquette.
1. Some essential items to bring with you include a leash, poop bags and water.
2. Make sure your pup is up-to-date on shots.
3. Consider your dog’s temperament with other animals and kids. If your pooch is overly aggressive or if you don’t feel confident that you can control him, he may not be well-suited to run free with other dogs.
4. Keep the gate securely closed to ensure all the dogs remain safely inside.

Don't Forget Your Dog This Season of Giving

Through the bustle of the holidays, a small gift for our dogs often ends up on the bottom of our lists. But the holidays are about giving after all and our dogs give to us all year. Your pooch may certainly enjoy a newdog toyfollowing Santa's visit to your place. West Paw Design offers recyclable rubber toys that can actually be returned for a replacement toy should your dog destroy the first one. Canine Genius interactive toys keep your pet challenged by making him figure out how to reach the treat that you place inside.

Biking With Your Dog

Biking With Your Dog
When you think about the activities that you can do with your dog, your list might look like this: walk, run, play fetch.  With such a short list, you probably cycle through these pretty quickly.  Why not shake things up a bit and introduce your dog to something new?  Fall is a wonderful time to ride your bike and the best part is that your dogcancome with you.  It's the perfect way to bond and reconnect with your pooch and enjoy that crisp air together.

Rainy Day Activity - Hide and Seek

Rainy Day Activity - Hide and Seek!
Hide and Seek is a popular children’s game.  Did you know that dogs can also enjoy this game and humans, through playing this game with their dogs, can enjoy the benefits of increased reliability for a critical, life saving behavior?
Recall is one of the most important behaviors for a dog to learn.  If your dog can come when called reliably and can “down” or “halt” at a distance is a relatively safe dog.  Hide and seek is a game you can play inside with your dog on a rainy day to provide him with physical exercise, mental exercise, and increased reliability for recall response.


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